Comic books I read in June 2013! (God, since I left Goodreads I’m desperate for a way to keep track of my books.)

1. 1602. Neil Gaiman. God, how I love this. This is a must re-read.

2. Captain America & Bucky compilation is lovely and at times heart-breaking. Their friendship and companionship is so well-written. I can’t wait to see Bucky in the movie and I hope he at least has a cameo in Avengers 2.

3. Black Widow - I have no words, no words. Marjorie Liu is brilliant at her craft, Daniel Acuna likewise. You know those books that inspire you to, I don’t know, walk differently, speak differently, more confidently, have ideas *and* carry them out? This is Black Widow: The Name of the Rose. 

4. I’m not sure why Stalin was alive in 1956 in BW: Deadly Origin. ???